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Bravo’s “Top Chef” has been having a special series featuring famous celebrities and athletes on the guest panel. Tomorrow, it will feature Top 100 tennis player Taylor Dent. He recently retired from playing tennis, so why not guest star on a hit television series that airs during primetime?
The show was filmed in the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, on the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Along with Taylor Dent, it will feature the creator of the U.S. Open Wine Bar Food, Tony Mantuano. The sport of tennis is really breaking outside of the tennis courts these days!
Sarah Thurmond got a chance to interview Taylor Dent about the show:
ST: What are your qualifications to be a guest judge on the show? Are you secretly a foodie?
TD: What qualified me the most for this particular show was being a professional athlete. My palate is not very refined, so I was blown away by how the real judges could put into words what I tasted. I knew right then that it wasn't my underwhelming knowledge of tastes that [the producers] sought when asking me to guest star.
ST: So talk about the food. What did you think? 
TD: The food was amazing! I did not have one dish that I disliked. If I ordered any of the dishes at a restaurant, I would have walked away very pleased. The judges made some comments after the show, saying it was probably the best overall food for one show they have ever experienced. Lucky me!
ST: Overall, how was it being a guest judge on the show?
TD: The experience for me was awesome! When I first arrived it seemed that people were stressed and very, very serious. As the night went on, however, I got to know everyone, and they were very friendly and did everything in their power to make the show better. After seeing everything go into the show behind the scenes, it’s understandable how hard it is to make “Top Chef” the success it is. I have a new appreciation for the stars of the show, the hosts, and every person you don’t see on camera. I wish them continued success.
The show will air tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 11:00 EST. Take a break from wrapping your presents, don’t miss this episode of Top Chef!

Posted: 12/21/2010 1:20:07 PM

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