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Tennis Now Free Arcade Games

Tennis Game is the most popular free online tennis video game. This game puts the top women of the WTA of old and new against eachother. The simplistic gameplay makes this one difficult to step away from. The only keyboard controls you need to master are the spacebar and directional arrows; no mouse. Choose your favorite female tennis star. Each WTA player has their own style of play portrayed at the player selection screen. Play quick exhibition style matches or go for the trophy in Tournament style of play.

Tennis Ace - Defeat your opponent in a challenging tennis tournament! Choose your player based on the level of difficulty you wish to play in and shred the grass or clay courts. This game is different from Tennis Game in that all controls (player movement, serving, hitting) are done with the mouse. Hold the mouse to generate more power on your serves and volleys and you'll be smashing balls down the baseline in no time!

Try your hand at this fast-paced game of table tennis. Table Tennis features two floating paddles, your paddle is controlled by the mouse. No clicking is recquired, simply place your paddle in the path of the ball to hit. Move the paddle in any direction at the point of impact to generate spin and keep the CPU guessing. Smash your way through each opponent and claim your title if you can.

Tennis Hangman - Ready for some old school fun?! If you thought all of that tennis knowledge you have stored in your melon was useless, here's your chance to put it to good use. Spell out the names of your favorite tennis players before they hang the poor guy.

Another classic gaming style put in a tennis setting, Tennis Breakout emualtes the arcade classic, "Brick Breaker". Smash the tiles with your racquet and tennis balls. As you progress and your score climbs, the levels get more challenging. Try your hand at this madness and see how far you can get.

Tennis Pro is by far the most frustrating of games featured here. This games pits you against a computer that adapts to your style of play. Just as soon as you think you have the game figured out, the CPU takes over like Rafael Nadal in a Grand Slam Final. Some say winning is impossible. It's blood, sweat and tears to reach the top...do you dare?