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By Nick Georgandis

Earlier this week, fans of the smash HBO hit "Game of Thrones" rejoiced as the first season was released on DVD and Blu-Ray, a harbinger of the start of the show's second season in early April.

As an avid fan of the novels, I look forward to devouring the film interpretation of George R. R. Martin's epic series, but as I watched a documentary on the cast reuniting for the next season, I couldn't help but be struck by some similarities between series and certain members of the ATP and WTA tours.

Without further ado - here's the major players of "Game of Thrones" recast with current tennis stars. Warning - Season One spoilers ahead!

Fat Mardy Fish as King Robert Baratheon - Robert got fat after his rebellion to take the crown of the Seven Kingdoms and ended up caring for little more than drinking and carousing, you could say his life became a real bore. Fish started off fat before deciding to have a rebellion of his own, trimming pounds to start racking up victories.

Maria Sharapova as Queen Cersei Lannister - Every man in the kingdom wants her, and every woman in the kingdom thinks she's a real ... well, it rhymes with witch.  She is ferocious and powerful and doesn't take crap from anyone.

Rafael Nadal as Jaimie Lannister aka The Kingslayer - Lannister got his name by taking down the King at a young age. Nadal did the same thing, toppling King Roger from his throne.

Andy Murray as Eddard Stark - Stark is loyal to a fault for his country and his family, just like Murray, who desperately wants to win his first Grand Slam, and the UK's first since 1936. Both can be a bit impetuous, and known to lose their heads when they get upset.

Novak Djokovic as Robb Stark - When he first mixes it up with the big boys, the "Young Wolf" goes on a unprecedented winning streak and even captures the Kingslayer, not unlike Djokovic to start the 2011 season, when he first defeated Nadal in a Grand Slam final.

Kim Clijsters as Catelyn Stark - Lady Stark would do anything for her children, exchange hostages, cut deals, you name it. Clijsters was so devoted to the notion of family, she retired from the sport she loved to start one.

Caroline Wozniacki as  Daenerys Targaryen - The beautiful blonde is talented beyond her years, and everyone thinks great things are ahead in her future. But is the pressure too much for her?

Bernard Tomic as Joffrey Baratheon - Sure, he's talented, but my goodness is this young punk annoying. Someone ought to give him a good pop in the mouth, which leads us to ...

David Ferrer as Tyrion Lannister - In the fall of 2010, I wrote a blog calling David Ferrer a shrimp that got me more hate mail than all the rest of my blogs combined. He's still short, but he's as crafty on the court as the Imp is with his life on the line.

Fernando Verdasco as Khal Drogo - The ladies love him and he looks great with his shirt off, but you get the feeling it's all a big build up for nothing.

Ivo Karlovic as  Gregor Clegane - Who better to play "The Mountain that Rides" than the tallest man to ever play professionally? Karlovic doesn't have Cleagne's rough temper, but when he gets that big serve going, you'd swear you could hear the thunder.

Roger Federer as Tywin Lannister - He's gotten a bit older, and there are younger knights who win more jousting tournaments, but everyone in the kingdom either respects him or fears him because of how much internal power he wields.


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