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By Chris Oddo/ Tuesday, September 10, 2013


With our ear to the ground and our eyes on our LCDs, we bring you this week's tweets of the week.

Photo Source: Andy Murray's Twitter

Andy Murray thanked hospital workers, Petra Kvitova mocked mascots and Benoit Paire fell in love with a dog. Yep, it was just another week of following tennis on Twitter...

1. Andy Murray, as usual, showing a great deal of class and perspective as he gives props to hospital workers the world over, after his successful back surgery on Monday.

2. Serena, like many of us, was on Venus' bandwagon as the 33-year-old made an inspired run to the Tokyo semis this week.

3. This photo of Petra Kvitova is just priceless.

4. Thai names are serious tongue twisters, as SI's Jon Wertheim notes in this tweet.

5. Everybody has lots of fun at the Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo, expect for a certain World No. 2...

6. Aw, look at these two puppies playing so nicely. Oh, wait, one of them is a tennis player...

7. Since IDS, the official serve speed tracker of the tour, wasn't in attendance when Venus crushed this serve, the record books will pretend it never happened. But we know it did.

8. Yes, we do give points for handshakes...

9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

10. Here's something that we can all agree upon! Even the venerable Kim Clijsters.


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