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By Chris Oddo

(February 18, 2013) -- With an eye on our monitors and an ear to the ground, we bring you this week's top ten tweets:

1. Now that we're done waxing nostalgic over the loss of San Jose, it's time to face the cold, hard truth: The tournament was poorly attended for several years, and that fact was due largely in part to the state of American men's tennis at the moment. Without a marquee name to carry the tournament (or two: Think Agassi-Sampras) things are never going to be easy for tournaments in the U.S. Especially in Mid-February when players are scattered all over the globe if they are playing at all.

2. He's got a lot of competition, but Dr. Ivo Karlovic may be the funniest man in tennis...

3. That's classic. Even on Valentine's day Roger Rasheed can't help turning the Hallmark holiday into a coaching moment. #themarkofatruecoach

4. We second that emotion, Darren. Tried to express the point, here.

5. Gilles is skinnier than a toothpick and he's got more than one mouth to feed. What do you expect him to do, play like Isner?

6. We do not recommend this diet for recreational players. Only experienced Grand Slam winners like Mike Bryan can handle this. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

7. Looks pretty good Caroline. Would prefer to see you surfing like Slamming Sam Stosur, though.

8. What would be good for tennis is if we all opened our wallets and spent our last remaining dollars on putting a roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium, IMO...

9. The best thing to come out of this weekend -- and there were so many good things that happened in tennis this week -- is the fact that Vika established herself as an active participant in her "rivalry" with Serena.

10. Should we be afraid? Amazed? Or should we just do what Joe Fleming did and avoid the whole damn thing?


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