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By Chris Oddo

(February 25, 2013) -- With an eye on our monitors and an ear to the ground, we bring you this week's top ten tweets:

1. Sabine Lisicki is quite obviously in awe upon witnessing the magnanimity of Alexandr Dolgopolov's Samson-esque coiffure. So are we.

2. Proving that winning the Dubai title really can be a piece a cake if you possess the poise and power of a Petra Kvitova.

3. Stubbsy, If Charlize Theron was as hot as you, she'd be able to knock off backhand volleys in her sleep.

4. What did you say BG? I can't hear you, I'm watching tennis...

5. Sock's Swagger? Has a nice ring to it. We think he's already a serious player, but top 100 ranking would be nice to see quite soon.

6. Pamela Anderson, Roger? Really? We figured you were more the Audrey Tatou type.

7. It's not sad at all CoCo. Dogs rule, people drool.

8. Yes, count us in, but can we wear flats?

9. Whoah, Micaela turns one and she thinks she owns the joint?

10. Quite obviously Janko is still reeling from losing to @TursunovTales in Marseille...


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