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By Chris Oddo

(February 11, 2013) -- Here are the top ten Tweets of the week, in our humble opinion...

1. Honestly, I hadn't given the subject much thought -- until now.

2. Isn't it amazing how some stats can tell you everything and nothing all at the same time?

3. "Zeballos beat God," to us, is better than "God is dead." This way God stays in the picture and Zeballos has his day in the sun.

4. So it's official: the nickname is "ZEBLO."

5. We just thought of the best reply to this, and we'll never, ever tell you what it was...

6. Sounds like Martina and Janko have been smoking the same peace pipe this week.

7. You and about 75 million other Rafaholics.

8. Ditto, and + 75 million!

9. Dear Sloane Stephens, we realized you were the perfect package when you reached the QFs of Carlsbad in 2011. Is it too late for us?

10. Amadeus? That is just soooooo Boris Becker, isn't it?


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