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By Chris Oddo
Photo Credit: Mark Peterson / Corleve
Novak Djokovic Interview Room


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From Nadal:


“Is something unbelievable how he returns, no?  His return probably is one of the best of the history.  That's my opinion, no?  I never played against a player who's able to return like this.  Almost every time.” – Rafael Nadal, on Novak Djokovic’s world-class return game.  

“I had in 2011 all these mental problems.  Today I didn't have.” – Nadal, on his mind state during the final.  

Too long. Highlights only.” Nadal, on whether he’d watch the final on videotape in the future.

“So when you are fit, when you are, you know, with passion for the game, when you are ready to compete, you are able to suffer and enjoy suffering, no?” Nadal, on the grueling nature of the final, which lasted 5:53. 

“So I just lost the final of a Grand Slam.  I am not happy to lose the final, yes, but that's one of the losses that I am more happy in my career.” – Nadal, on taking the positives from the loss.

“So that's another positive thing.  Probably never say that many positive things after I lose.” – Nadal, on how he was encouraged by how close the match was.

“For me it was a little bit more special the 2008 (smiling).  But I really understand that was a really special match, and probably a match that gonna be in my mind not because I lost, no, because the way that we played.” – Nadal, when asked to compare this final with his other epic, the 2008 Wimbledon final.  

From Djokovic:

“I think it's probably the longest finals in the history of all Grand Slams, and just to hear that fact is making me cry, really.” – Novak Djokovic, on the longest Grand Slam final in the history of tennis.  

“We live for these matches.  We work every day.  We're trying to dedicate all our life to this sport to come to the situation where we play six hour match for a Grand Slam title.” – Djokovic, on how he could get through such a grueling match.

“Well, if that's the way, you know, then I guess I will have to go through it.  I will have to accept it the way it is.” – Djokovic, when asked if he really wanted to repeat his 2011 dominance, now that he knows how tough it’s going to be.  

“So I want to do well and I want to get the first final at least in Paris, you know.  I have never been in finals there, and I have a feeling that I'm ready this year to achieve that.” – Djokovic, on his next priority.

“Oh, yes, very pleased.  I think we both were.” – Djokovic, on being thankful that tournament staff were kind enough to bring chairs out for the players during the award ceremony.  

“I don't know.  Food is not on my mind right now.” – Djokovic, when asked if breakfast would factor into his victory celebration.


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