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Keeping It Simple

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Fitness Drills for Tennis Players | Free Tennis Instruction

Whether it's a quick match or a three-set marathon, there is no better feeling than knowing you can outlast your opponent on the tennis court. Use these few simple drills to build stamina and confidence. You don't even need a tennis court for several of these exercises -- no excuses!

The Forehand Grip

If you’re looking to launch your tennis career, it all starts with the grip. Find out why the semi-western hand placement is great for a wide variety of skill levels and learn how to help your hand feel at home with this easy-to-follow instruction video. Blair DiSesa Henley is a USPTA Certified (P1) tennis professional with over ten years of teaching experience. She is also a writer for Tennis Now.

How to Beat  A Pusher

How do you beat a player whose biggest weapon is their consistency? It's not going to be easy, but it's possible to beat a pusher if you follow these simple tennis tips.

How to Hit a Kick Serve

The kick serve is a difficult shot to master, so why bother? The answer is simple: rhythm. Adding a high-bouncing spin serve to your repertoire allows you to keep your opponents guessing, preventing them from settling into a comfortable routine on the other side of the net. 

Get a Solid Backhand Slice Now

Developing a solid slice backhand can make a huge difference in your game, whether offensively or defensively. 

Approach Like the Pros

There is nothing worse than setting up a point perfectly only to hand it back to your opponent on a silver platter thanks to a blown approach shot. If you earn a short ball, there are a few simple ways to make sure you reap the rewards with a well-executed approach.

Take one look at Novak Djokovic in action, and you'll see how valuable a solid, aggressive return of serve can be. Unfortunately, it's one of the most underrated (and underpracticed) shots in tennis. Change your return for the better with the few simple adjustments explained in this video. Get a up-close look at one of the best returners in the game in the videos below.

Let's be honest: hitting the ball on the rise is a tough task on the tennis court. But if you can stay disciplined in your training, you're sure to see the benefits. By taking the ball early, you're maintaining your aggressive position in the court, giving your opponent less time to recover, and, perhaps most importantly, you're taking away your opponent's ability to keep you on your heels. Check out these simple tips today!

For some of us, the serve toss can be tricky. Check out these easy fixes to ensure a perfect toss every time.

Roger Federer’s one-handed backhand is a thing of beauty, but what exactly does he do so well? This video outlines key aspects of Fed’s one-hander and gives you simple ways to incorporate them into your stroke. Click through to read more and see videos of Federer showing us that beautiful backhand!

If you’ve ever hit a shank overhead, you know it’s not an enjoyable experience. Check out these easy tips to help you strike a solid, reliable, and powerful overhead when you need it most. Also, click through to see some slow motion overheads from the pros.

Solid contact on your volley is the key to a great net game. But how do you create it? Check out these easy tips and practice exercises to get you going.

Your movement on the tennis court is often just as important as your stroke. We never want to take focus off of the ball, but making a few simple adjustments in how you approach your shots could make a huge difference in your stamina and power.

You'd be amazed at how solid footwork on your volley can improve your shot for the better. Learn when and how to split step and how to correctly time your volleys using your body, not your arm and wrist.

You've heard it before. You must brush up the back of the ball on your groundstrokes in order to create spin and therefore control. Whether beginner or advanced, learning how to effectively accelerate from low to high will be a plus for your game.

Not sure if you're using your core to its full potential on your groundstrokes? Try this simple exercise to get your major muscle groups working in unison.

Want to serve like Serena? Start simple with these easy-to-follow adjustments.

Rafael Nadal may look great on TV, but his stroke doesn't work for everyone. Take a look at this simple way to execute a solid, high percentage groundstroke. Focus on your hitting track and see the results.

Once you make it to the net, there are a few key adjustments you can make in your ready position to help you stay on the offense. Check them out in this quick and simple video.

The ready position seems simple enough, but check out this simple tip to help you prepare more effectively for your groundstrokes.