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The string market is becoming increasingly crowded. With so many options available, a string has to stand out to get noticed.

Quadro Twist from YTEX has our attention.

In addition to being named the official string of the Orange Bowl, the Racquet Stringing Institute rated it No. 1 in spin production and No. 2 overall. Needless to say, I was excited to hit the court with Quadro Twist. Here are my thoughts on its performance:

Comfort/Feel:  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the feel and comfort of this string. While I would categorize the response on contact as “firm,” it was also very comfortable for polyester. The string flexes nicely, and I felt more connected to the ball than with other polyesters on the market. This increased feel also paid dividends at the net. I was able to execute touch volleys and drop shots very effectively thanks to the response from the string. It was also good at minimizing harshness on off-center shots, which is something that can be a weak point for polyester strings.   

Power: I found the power level to be around average for polyester, or maybe slightly higher. It provides solid pop while still being low-powered enough to allow for full cuts at the ball. I did notice some hot spots around the string bed (i.e. certain areas had a tendency to shoot the ball long while others offered a more consistent power level). Tension adjustments  could possibly mitigate the inconsistencies I experienced. Overall, I found it easy to step in with confidence, knowing Quadro Twist had the control I needed to keep the ball in the court.

Spin: If you like spin, then you need not look further than Quadro Twist. This string is an absolute spin machine. The squared and twisted profile yields tremendous grip and offers incredible action on the ball. Topspin ground strokes were launching off the court and forcing my opponents into compromising positions. The extra grip is also evident on slices. My slice backhand stayed extremely low and skidded away from my opponents. Kick serves were heavy and high bouncing, allowing me to transition quickly to offense during service games. Quadro Twist makes spin a powerful weapon to dictate play with on every shot.   

Durability: Tension maintenance was about average for polyester string. After a drop in tension within the first couple hours of play, it leveled off and only lost a pound or two after each session. While tension maintenance was good, durability was the weak point in my time with Quadro Twist. After 1.5 hours, the strings were noticeably notched. At the 5-hour mark, I broke one of the center main strings on an approach shot. The “snap back” necessary to generate Quadro Twist’s impressive spin also means it burns through itself quickly as the main strings move against the crosses.

YTEX Quadro Twist is a string capable of prodigious spin with above average feel and comfort for polyester. Its extremely high spin potential allows players to push opponents around the court and dictate play with variety. While players may need to restring more often due to the increased spin production, the ability to hit such heavy shots makes it an attractive entry into the world of strings.

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